The most advanced
dice playing bot currently available!

100% free, open and viewable source.

This "BOT" is a Chrome Extention that allows you to play dice the way you want!
Nothing is hidden all source is easily viewable.
One Bot, mutiple sites! (sites will be added as requested)

  • Sites this bot currently works with
    • (BTC)
    • (CLAM)

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What can it do?

If you can think of it, the bot can do it!

Everyone has their own playing styles and goals. This bot was designed to let you play dice any way you want, fully automated.

The bot is controlled by Javascript code you enter into the editor. Don't know how to program? Javascript is a very easy to understand language, use the forum to ask for help with your idea. I will be adding lots of example code you can try.

I love playing dice, this bot is a labour of love and will always be free. I will update it as often as I can.


19th febGeneral Release.

16th febInitial Release to selected people.

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You can usually find me playing on, drop by and say hello!