Author Topic: Getting Started! Let the fun begin!  (Read 7822 times)

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Getting Started! Let the fun begin!
« on: February 19, 2015, 08:29:38 am »

After you install the extention, you should see the Dice Icon above in your browser.
You will need to reload any open dice site pages for it to take effect.

Once you reload the page, you should see this toolbar closed icon. Click it to open the toolbar.

Toolbar Opened with Buttons. Check the tooltips for for each button.

System Variable These variables are available to your code, they are updated after each roll, and after you code runs.

Startup Bot Code Editor This code is executed once when you first press the Execute button on the Main Bot Code Editor and then executes the first roll.

Main Bot Code Editor This is where your magic happens. Any code in here will be run after each roll.

What you are doing is running code that modifies 4 bot variables:

  • botCurrBet: what the next bet will be.
  • botBaseGame: what the next win chance will be.
  • botCurrType: what the next roll will be High (1) or Low (0).
  • botCurrMulti: what the next loss multiplier will be. (optional but included anyways)

You do NOT create a loop in your code, the code is already run in a loop!

The other windows, currently, are information display only.

Runs/Heights are a series of Wins or Losses in a row.

I will add new features and sites as quick as I can.

This bot is a labor of love.

When the bot is first loaded, it is loaded with code that plays a simple 49.5 martingale system with 100% increase on loss.

If you use this bot you take full responsibility for any losses you may have. The code for the bot is fully viewable so you can see it does nothing "funky", it just does rolls.

Do not copy this bot and call it your own, that is just rude.

Do not ever beg for coins on my forum or I will ban you instantly.

Do not advertise anything that is not related to Dice.

Faucets, Dice sites etc are fine, please use your common sense.

The bot will always be 100% Free

You can usually find me on, drop by and say hello!

thanks, and happy botting


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