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« on: August 12, 2017, 03:12:03 pm »
Growtopia Hack -* The acronym of Botanical Utility Droid, the word also denoting a bud, and recalling the abbreviation of buddy (pote) ... In short, a name that owes nothing to chance.
A robot, a giant plant, rock climbing you want it here ... If you have to blame Grow Home, it is certainly not his lack of originality. Gesticulating first as a drunken man, BUD gradually takes the insurance, and finally evolves hundreds of meters above the ground with an astonishing grace, counting on his jetpack, his grip and his reflexes. A trip in verticality that makes its background naivete (the story, gentillette) as form (the graphics, which one would see well in a children's coloring book) a real strength.
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